Top 3 Ideas For A Romantic Date (Brisbanites)

Attention all Brisbanites.

Regardless of whether you are a smooth-talking financial baller from Eagle st, or the coolest individual on campus, nothing can get you sweaty under the collar like a good old first date.

The birth of the digital age means that dates are now more scrutinized; Thanks to film and social media, your date knows what is expected of a romantic date, and you are the one expected to deliver.

But not too worry! Brisbane city is as exciting as it is diverse, and if you know how to harness it, it can prove to be the wingman that you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to first dates, nerves, risk and excitement come as part of the package. Whilst daunting, Brisbane city provides the canvas for you to capitalize on this moment. Here are the 3 best date ideas to impress that girl/guy you’ve been plucking up the courage to talk to all year. Time to come through in the clutch, and provide that romantic goodness that will leave them highly intrigued, and curiously infatuated.



  1. Kangaroo point cliffs

Is your date the adventurous type? Do they love a good lung bursting hike or bike ride?

Then say no more, because Kangaroo point cliffs just became your romance hotspot.
For all you Southsiders keen to show their date just how interesting and adventurous you can be, KP has all the goods for your special occasion. At night, the Kangaroo point lookout provides a lit up aesthetic view of the city, and offers that solitude so that you can win them over with your quality one-liners.


If the lookout isn’t your thing, take the KP stairs and walk along the river. Pull off into one of the gullys and look up at the stars. At this point, feel free to impress your date with your in-depth knowledge of stars and constellations, conveniently researched on your iphone, 5 minutes before the date.

Let your partner reflect on how impressive you are, and ride that momentum into a deep riverside conversation about your inner goals and dreams.
Play your cards right, and your date will be so entranced that you might even score that goodnight kiss you been daydreaming about since you researched “constellations” just before meeting your date.



  1. Brisbane CBD

So adventure isn’t for you. You’re more of a wall/eagle st financial type. You dress suave, talk smooth and feel at home amongst the high rises of the CBD. In other words, you are a goddam reincarnation of Brisbane’s very own Harvey Spectre, and you know it!



For all those who work/live in and around the CBD, you will know that the city district is growing exponentially, booming up with new fine dining and trendy establishments for you to make use of.

For a classy, sophisticated date night, take your special someone and immerse yourself in the relaxed luxury found in the business district. Meetup on a Friday after work on Queen St, and advise them that you will meet them at 6pm due to a “teleconference with New York”, or some other activity which stresses your financial know-how as the wolf of Albert Street.

Make a reservation at MODA, Brisbane’s hidden fine dining gem. The elegant setting will create an ambience that not many restaurants outside of the city can emulate. Impress your date by greeting the waitress/waiter in Italian, because if you are one thing, it’s well versed in exotic, sexy languages. Laugh and dine the night away whilst being backed by classy ambience and gleeful chatter.
Upon commencement of dinner, show you’re a hopeless romantic by taking your date on a leisurely stroll through the botanical gardens, or perhaps an ice-cream whilst wandering through Queen St. Regardless of the path you take, Brisbane CBD is diverse and promising, kind of like your stock portfolio.



  1. SouthBank

Whilst people will always have their place of choice, one thing is for sure. Southbank is the date hotspot of Brisbane.

Is it because it’s accessible via the north, south and west side?

Is it because of the aesthetic mix of fine dining and parklands?

Or is it because the movies are cheaper than the rest?

All of the above and more!

The south bank parklands provide every canvas you need for date night, regardless of your mould/makeup. It’s glamorous, accessible, affordable and most of all, fun.

Now, the biggest killer on dates – the point we all dread – is that awkward silence which can come in from nowhere like a door-to-door salesman. All of a sudden, you realise that you’ve used all your witty lines and you’re sweating so profusely that you feel dehydrated. Never fear, young one, Southbank to the rescue. The reason this location tops our list is that it’s a straight up cure for these situations.

Southbank is the only place where the surroundings itself can vary significantly This stimulus constantly gives you and your date something new to ponder. Finished up with dinner? Walk on down to the river. Enjoying a couple of drinks at the bar? Head over to IMAX or QPAC for a show. Having a wander through the canopy parklands? Stroll over to the community vegetable garden and impress them with your working knowledge of greens. You get the point.
Southbank provides an ultimate canvas for your magical night. Play your cards right, and you could find yourself in a prime position to go in for that cheeky hand hold. Be confident, lighthearted and most importantly, enjoy yourself. That way you can make the night truly memorable, just be sure not to drop the ball.


Don’t worry Ben Hunt, we love you!