What does the shape of your stone say about you?

What does the shape of your stone say about you?

Everyone is different with their own style and ways of showing their personality. We’ve gathered together our 10 favourite stylish stone shapes and what they can say about you.




Brilliant Cut: Classic and Contemporary. You are up to the minute with timeless style.




Cushion Cut: Old world elegance. You have vintage tastes to compliment your values and outlook on life.




Princess Cut: Modern and Retro all at the same time. You mix the best of everything without compromising on quality.





Oval Cut: You are open hearted with nothing to hide. When it comes to you no one mistakes this for a weakness.






Emerald Cut: Sit up and take notice. This lady knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it.





Heart Cut: No clichés here. You’re a classic romantic so why not let the world know it?





Pear Cut: The perfect statement piece especially when wrapped around a martini. Vintage style for the modern woman.






Trilliant Cut: ‘Uncommon’ describes you perfectly. Because why have the same thing as everyone else?





Marquise Cut: You leave the crowd and trendsetters all behind with your fearless self-assurance.



Baguette Cut: Far from being a Plain Jane. You appreciate simplicity and order letting the beauty of objects you surround yourself with speak for themselves.